Consultation in Early Childhood Settings by Virginia Buysse Ph.D.

Consultation in Early Childhood Settings

Book Title: Consultation in Early Childhood Settings

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN: 1557667748

Author: Virginia Buysse Ph.D.

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Virginia Buysse Ph.D. with Consultation in Early Childhood Settings

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Interventions for young children with disabilities are more effective when the adults involved form collaborative partnerships. That’s why consultation—a systematic process to help educators, parents, and early childhood professionals work together to address concerns and identify goals—is so important. This practical handbook equips you with the skills you need to function as an effective consultant to educators and caregivers of children from birth through age 5, leading you step by step through an 8-stage model that shows you how to

  1. initiate contact with the consultee and establish open, respectful communication
  2. build rapport while gathering crucial information about the consultee
  3. work with the consultee to assess concerns and needs
  4. set goals directly related to these concerns and needs
  5. select appropriate strategies for meeting the goals
  6. prepare the consultee to implement the strategies
  7. evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and the consultation itself
  8. hold a summary conference to review outcomes and plan next steps

For each stage, you’ll get a description of key consultation tasks, critical considerations for consultant and consultee, strategies for improving communication, and a “What If” section that addresses potential problems and solutions. This guide will help any early childhood professional serving as a consultant—and anyone in the role of consultee—form strong, respectful partnerships that lead to better child and family outcomes.