Geometry Workbook (Mathematics Learning and Practice) by Mel Friedman

Geometry Workbook (Mathematics Learning and Practice)

Book Title: Geometry Workbook (Mathematics Learning and Practice)

Publisher: Research & Education Association

ISBN: 0738604534

Author: Mel Friedman

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Mel Friedman with Geometry Workbook (Mathematics Learning and Practice)

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Many students continue to struggle in high school math courses because they failed to master the basic mathematical skills. REA’s new Ready, Set, Go! Workbook series takes the confusion out of math, helping students raise their grades and score higher on important exams.


What makes REA’s workbooks different? For starters, students will actually like using them. Here’s why:


    Math is explained in simple language, in an easy-to-follow style The workbooks allow students to learn at their own pace and master the subject More than 20 lessons break down the material into the basics Each lesson is fully devoted to a key math concept and includes many step-by-step examples Paced instruction with drills and quizzes reinforces learning The innovative “Math Flash” feature offers helpful tips and strategies in each lesson—including advice on common mistakes to avoid Skill scorecard measures the student’s progress and success Every answer to every question, in every test, is explained in full detail A final exam is included so students can test what they’ve learned

    When students apply the skills they’ve mastered in our workbooks, they can do better in class, raise their grades, and score higher on the all-important end-of-course, graduation, and exit exams.


    Some of the math topics covered in the Geometry Workbook include:

      Basic Properties of Points, Rays, Lines, and Angles Measuring Line Segments and Angles Perimeter of Polygons Triangles  Circles Quadrilaterals
      and more!

      Whether used in a classroom, for home or self study, or with a tutor, this workbook gets students ready for important math tests and exams, set to take on new challenges, and helps them go forward in their studies!